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Risk Management


Insurance can be an inefficient use of capital.  Not unlike the decision to rent or own a home we believe employers should own as much of their risk as financially possible and then work with our risk management team to mitigate risk and capitalize on the surpluses that often end up with the insurance carriers.


The health and well-being of your employees is a major cost driver for any organization. The poor health of your employees not only impacts the cost of your health plan but also drives absenteeism and lowers productivity.  With our predictive analytical tools we are able to see signs of significant health risk that can be corrected with modifiable lifestyle choices. We don’t react to claims data…we attack it!

Identify the Risk
Analyze the Risk

Evaluate or Rank the Risk

Treat the Risk

Monitor and Review the Risk

other tools

  • Claims management oversight

  • Safety culture assessment 

  • Medical response program assistance

  • Benefit coordination with medical carriers

  • Rating and classification review

  • Audit resolution assistance

  • Loss control consultation

  • Experience MOD analysis

  • Accident history examination

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