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Introducing a new kind of marketplace!

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BridgeWorks Benefits Administration software makes it easier to attract and retain great talent by offering an extensive employee benefits package via a user-friendly platform with less  administrative management required for enrollment processes.  

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BridgeWorks Collection & Recovery Services have developed programs to effectively perform both commercial and consumer collections. BridgeWorks offers you an unparalleled opportunity to recover past due funds in an expeditious, thorough, and professional manner.


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new approach to paying for basic health care services. In most cases, payment for basic care is made directly to the primary care clinic and not through an insurance company. DPC provides access to premiere primary medical services to our monthly members.


Bridgeworks offers medical underwriting services. Our methodology considers the unique characteristics of your business, we factor in your experience to create a blend of manual and experience rates.  We gather as much information as possible, placing emphasis on managed care and how it affects your risk profile.

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Bridgeworks Telemedicine Services offers our members access and availability to consultations 24/7, 365 via web, mobile app, or calling our Patient Care Center. On average, you'll be connected to your doctor in less than 10 minutes.

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Bridgeworks provides claim review and auditing services to ensure all medical billing guidelines are being met and reimbursement rates are correct. We review claims for self-funded plans, and out of network claims for payors.

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BridgeWorks offers discount programs for employee health, wellness and lifestyle services. The diversity and expertise behind our program creates an extraordinary suite of products and services designed to provide unparalleled network provider access, significant savings, and unsurpassed value.

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BridgeWorks Employee Wellness Solution is comprised of local employers and wellness professionals who aim to learn and share the latest how-to’s in worksite wellness programming. We work with organizations of all sizes including non-profits and government entities.

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Bridgeworks Medical Management is a utilization review accredited commission healthcare management company specializing in working with self-insured employers. Our current client base is nationwide, and our technology easily allows us to partner with TPAs throughout the United States.

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BridgeWorks Identity protection services provides top level customer service with case resolution as priority. Services include protection software, reporting functionality, and consulting assistance.


Bridgeworks prescription services offers a unique approach to address the rising cost of health insurance programs, and the inflationary prescription medications for clients including self-funded employers and their employees.

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Bridgeworks  Reference Based Pricing Solutions intelligently and strategically helps payors contain costs and manage the claim review process. We use a combination of negotiations, market value pricing and charge validation analysis, leading to exponential savings.


BrdigeWorks Human Resources solution provides effective knowledge, skills, and experience to help businesses move in the right direction. Services are tailored to meet unique small to mid-sized company needs, while focusing on practical, short to long-term optimization initiatives.


Self-funded health plans have advantages over the traditional insurance system. Self-funded plans can be tailor-made to provide specific benefit levels that meet each employer’s individual objectives. Our experienced team takes pride in providing outstanding service and commitment to exceeding client goals.

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BridgeWorks Reinsurance Solution offers reinsurance, underwriting and claims adjudication support to insurance companies and health plans seeking to develop their reach in the self-insured marketplace. We clients develop appropriate risk strategies and assist clients in creating captive solutions. 


From advanced cancer treatments to ACL surgeries too numerous to count, we see how our claim reimbursements are helping our customer's dogs and cats live longer and have a better quality of life. We couldn't be more pleased and look forward to paying claims every day to the benefit of our customers and their pets!

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Bridgeworks Legal Assistance Services makes full-service legal representation accessible, and affordable. Our legal partners work to provide individual consultation in order to protect our members.

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The Healthcare Bluebook App creates ease and understanding, enabling employees to find the fair price for medical services and procedures, as well as finding the highest rated healthcare providers closest to them using their mobile devices.

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